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Valle dei Templi


The Valley of the Temples archaeological park is the largest in the world, along the Sacred Way from East to West are the Doric Temple of Juno, Concord, Hercules, while in the Temple of Jupiter can be seen the remains of the Temple of Jupiter Olympic, the Temple of Castor, and the garden maintained by the Kolimbetra FAI; beyond it are the remains of the Temple of Vulcan. Below the ridge on which stand the Temples, in a southerly direction stands the Tomb of Theron, the tyrant of Agrigento and the ruins of the Temples of Aesculapius.
Further north in the direction of modern Agrigento, is the ancient church of St. Nicholas, Byzantine, and it is adjacent to the Agora, The Oratory of Phalaris and the Archaeological Museum International, where within it contains one of Telamoni adorning the Temple of Jupiter.

After passing the road that divides the museum area, you will find the District Hellenistic - Roman Akragas testimony of private as well as part of the urban fabric and street. Within it are still visible several mosaics that adorn the houses. Farther north in the Rock of Athena stands the temple of Demeter.

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